Our Story

Like many entrepreneurial journeys, Swavish’s journey begins when our Founder and CEO, Vishal, made time beyond his 9 to 5 and committed to solving client’s software challenges.

Slowly, but surely, the clients came in, the word of mouth spread and Swavish experienced an excellent growth rate which prepared it for what came next. The pandemic.

During the downtime when many contemporaries shut their door, Swavish got a new influx of energy with the strategy of diversifying towards building its own in-house products in the fintech and the hospitality sectors.

Today our future is bright as we successfully cater to our traditional client base of clients who desire highly optimised bespoke tools as well as start-ups and incubators where we offer a mix of entrepreneurial insights and MVP and early technology products and iterations.

Our Team

Our leadership team brings a combined total of over 47 years experience in business and software to the table, ranging from contributions to blue-chips to their individual entrepreneurial pursuits.

Our core competency is that we have been on both sides of the table and as such understand software as well as the market - a combination of insights that is proving to be very valuable to our clients.








Head of Strategy

Our Process

Transparency is a key facet of our organisational mantra. As such, we would also take a moment to introduce our typical process to you (this is further customised per specific client needs):

Stage 1

First Call

Book a free 30-minute call (use this link) with our team and discuss your requirements.

Stage 2

Initial Proposal

Based on your inputs, we will create an initial proposal which would include suggested use of technologies, estimated timeline and our approximate fees. We would also provide some insight based on forecasts, trends and customised scenario planning to ensure that your project is more resilient going forward.

Subject to your approval we will proceed to the next step, where your project will start becoming our project!

Stage 3


This stage includes the following steps:

Step 1: Brainstorming

Our specialist team members will understand each aspect of the project and develop the project scope. The key requirements will be discussed with you and documented, including features and proposed results. This will allow us to fine-tune the timeline and actual cost.

Step 2: Design

The software now begins to take shape. Mock-ups of the user interface are created and the project architecture is built. There will be further inputs from you and which will contribute towards diagrams and determining functionality of software. The scheduled check-ins ensure that all key requirements are met.

Step 3: Build

Traditionally, the longest phase of the project, this is where the magic happens. Envisaged efficiency and effectiveness start to take shape as the design turns into code.

The work is divided into sprints and your ongoing input and feedback ensures that software is highly optimised and created to suit your specific business needs - often, this would help you out-manoeuvre your competition and attain your goals.

We take special care to leave out the jargon and ensure your thoughts are converted into an asset.

Stage 4

Quality Assurance

The product would be tested in a real-time environment to ensure its robustness and it is launched - We have reached our finish line!

Stage 5


We have utter faith in our expertise and process, so for your peace of mind and as an investment in our future together, our services include product maintenance services for one year.

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