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We offer a wide range of software development services, designed to help businesses achieve their digital transformation goals. From custom software development to legacy system modernization, our team of experts utilizes cutting-edge technologies to deliver innovative solutions.

Bespoke Software Development

When the inches matter in your business, so does the software that supports your ambitions. Think of it this way, just like a bespoke suit fits you best - Bespoke or Highly Customised Software is the software that fits your business the best! It optimises processes to ensure a happy team and creates efficiencies that reduces time-taken to complete jobs, resulting in reduced costs. A focused and strategic investment for your business to get the most out of information technology.

Mobile and Web Development

Building software fit for the medium it is deployed on such as the mobile or web has multitude of applications - from inhouse use to a customer portal. In both cases, you must put the best foot forward as far as software is concerned and more importantly ensure that it is the right fit and optimised to your selected channels, whether it is iOS, Android or the web.

Product Development

You can benefit from our team’s expertise in launching products for clients as well as our insights from our own entrepreneurial pursuits. In the highly-competitive market place, there is a need to correctly identify customer needs and align them with human talent and strategic goals, all of which are complemented by the appropriate software, through the stages of growing with the customer base.

Strategic Insights

As the complexity in the world increases and our lives are continuously interwoven with technology, it helps to gain insights from a technical team, who are also entrepreneurs. This ensures that before resource deployment, your strategy and tactics are thoroughly vetted which ensure you achieve your goals in a holistic manner. Insights are the best bridge between the known present and the unseen future.


Whether you are an early stage start-up or in incubation. Whether you are ready to develop your first MVP or looking to rapidly implement further interactions, at some point you would require the advisory and implementation skill-sets of a CTO. With Swavish, you get a whole team to deliver on your ideas and growth to market - in a cost effective manner that reduces your risk and ensures a secure and stable start to your journey to delight your customers.

Special Tasks and Projects

The dynamics of an ever changing world and the role of software in it are in a state of continuous improvement. If your needs don’t fit into any of our services categories, don’t hesitate to contact us. No job is so small that it is not worth doing and no challenge is insurmountable!


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